GLU Factory “System”

What is the GLU Factory System?

“GOD is the GLU that is going to hold all these families together.   We are but a conduit.  A tool in the Master’s hand.”

We are not just a “Half-way House”.  Long before the offender ever gets to us, we start working with the family/support group. 

We have developed a multi-faceted plan which includes the families in the rehabilitation process from the very start.  It involves the following:

  • Moral support for “free” spouse
    • Counseling would be provided free of charge
    • Support groups would be organized
    • Initial Financial help for the “free” spouse/ Direction towards programs
    • Some sort of attendance would be compulsory in order for the family to receive financial support.
    • Counseling/education of what to expect of the offender upon exit
    • Implementation of Wings – Family Incarcerated Life Skills Curriculum By Ann Edenfield
  • Children’s counseling for minor children
  • Faith based fellowship program for the families of the incarcerated
    • What really makes the difference is the families sticking together and supporting one another.  Whether this be in Church or through a Church, fellowship is CRITICAL
  • In-Prison counseling/programming for the Inmate REQUIRED.
    • Within our prison system, there are multiple opportunities for the offender/inmate to help himself.   The State of New Mexico ensures that any man that wants help, receives it.
    • Depending on length of stay, program availability varies.
    • Counseling is ALWAYS available.
    • Recommendation from a counselor or Chaplain is a pre-requisite for this program.
  • Halfway house exit plans for all inmates going through the system
    • We think that it is very important that the inmate be re-integrated into the family slowly.  We do not wish for them to get out of prison and be thrown right back into the same environment.  During this time, at least weekly visits would be encouraged
    • Priority would be placed on continued programming and for the offender to find the proper balance in their life.
  • Mentoring – Coaches
    • Local men, women, and couples “Coaching” the men, and the families of the men that are coming into the system.
      • A “Big Brother” to help them through the tough times
      • Coaches would be pre-matched to offenders, based upon questionnaires that both they and the offenders would fill out.
      • Pre-Matching is critical.  We want our men to be matched up and have their mentor waiting for them when they arrive, or at least have introductions the same day.
  • Work programs
    • Many of these men have never held a job before, or, at least it has been a long time since they have been in the work force.
    • We want the men to feel like a “Man” by helping him to provide for his family.
    • Work assistance is one of the primary benefits of this program.
      • By working with local business, we will provide the men with solid jobs
      • We will create business where the men can work and be immediately employed.
        • Champion Services LLC is already in the works
          • Provides Lawn services
          • Basic clean up
          • Simple maintenance – depending upon available talent!!!
      • we will provide them with “On the Job Training”
      • we will help them obtain the skills that are required to maintain a job long-term.

Note:  Our hope that some of the men, will take off and create their own businesses and take some of the incoming men on; thereby demonstrating success and work ethics: creating little pods of successful Champions!

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