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March 20th Devotion – Focus your thinking – Align your life with your beliefs

Today we talked about Focus.  We watched a video by Tony Robbins on motivation which talked about 3 pillars

  1. Get focused and clear.
    1. Make it compelling – Make it important to you
  2. Get the best
    1. Tools
      1. What do you need
    2. Map
      1. Creates a focus point
    3. Mentor / Coach
      1. You MUST have a guide!!!!
  3. Resolve your inner conflicts
    1. If what you are doing doesn’t line up with your (professed desires) what you say you want to do, then you have some inner belief that is keeping you from meeting that.
    2. Get rid of your old thinking/blueprints
    3. Be Impeccable in your word
      1. Make sure that your actions line up with your words

Align your life with your new beliefs and take ACTION!!!!!  Then, celebrate and pay it forward. PAY IT FORWARD.  Before you are successful, celebrate your success and pay it forward in faith!!!!

We read from “How Successful People Think” chapter 2 – Engage in Focused Thinking!  Great quote Spoken of Charles Dickens

“He did Each Thing As If He did NOTHING ELSE”


John talked about playing golf and how hard it is to shoot for the hole when the ones before you forget to put the flag up.  Isn’t our life just like that.  Haw hard is it to hit a target that you do not have!

Our bible verse was 1 Timothy 4:8 – Which talked about spiritual training!


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