Super PuppyMentor: A Coach, A Man that makes a difference; a friend, and a guide.

Mentors are the difference in our ministry. They are what set us apart from other programs, and what make the difference in the lives of the men in our program.  

A Mentor is a man from the community who volunteers his time to befriend and counsel the Client from the time he enters to the time he leaves and even after.  We prefer to call our mentor volunteers, Coaches.

It takes a special man to be a Coach..  The rewards are amazing, and sometimes, the disappointments, greater.  You are befriending a man, and that alone, can make the difference in their success. Giving of your time in this way has proven to be a win/win blessing for all involved.

Every man will be assigned a “Coach” to help him through out the program.    Clients and Coaches fill out questionnaires and are pre-matched even before arriving at the house.  Coaches should be available for introductions the day the client arrives.  Making the man feel welcome is critical.  

Coaches may also enlist the help of their spouse in the case of a married client.  Counseling and support of the wife is critical to the clients success .

We would love to meet with you and tell you more but to get the ball rolling you can review the following materials, and complete and return the application.

For a more detailed guide see our PDF

Coaches Guide


Click here for an application


Credit for this guide goes to the Men Of Valor program in Nashville Tn

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