Our vision is to create a self-perpetuating society, which fosters successful reintegration of fathers and mothers into their respective families upon exit from the New Mexico penal system.

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to help as many men and women as we can to return to their families and communities and take a productive role within them.

We have created a multi-faceted program which is specifically designed to help the families of the incarcerated.  Our primary focus is a “faith” based system of families helping families.  Services provided are focused on “faith” based counseling, support group implementation and facilitation, as well as halfway houses for offenders upon release.

Target Population:

Men exiting the New Mexico prison system with families in the Curry / Roosevelt / Quay counties


What are we?

We are a system for helping men and women successfully re-integrate from prison back into the community and their family. We operate a Transitional Living Center as a Not for Profit entity in order to help us accomplish this goal.


What services do we provide?

We provide an environment which provides access by working within the existing system of care to a diverse range of therapeutic, residential, and resource programs that allow the client to focus on recovery while preparing for transition to the community. It is within this four-month period that the client and treatment staff prepare a service implementation plan to address employment, education, vocational training, housing, medical, and other social needs; address coping skills in a supportive environment; meet peer support groups; engage in relapse prevention counseling and education; and identify coordinated services from community resources.

Please take a look at our “System” here.


We work VERY closely with probation / parole to help reduce the risk of recidivism.


What is the length of your program

Our program is broken into 4 phases 3 – in house which consist of 120 days and 1 follow up / after care which is another 90 days.  See our program guidelines



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