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Addiction. Is it a choice?

Guest column: Addicts fighting battle of heroic effort September 26, 2015 Editor’s note: Vicki Williams Jinks is a 1978 graduate of Muleshoe High School. This excerpt is from a speech she’s written in hopes of helping those who struggle with addictions. In November 1993, I looked at my third baby and saw a face of pure sweetness. Little did I …

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Amazon Smile

We are so proud to be a member of Amazon Smile! Every purchase that you make from Amazon, they will make a donation to us! There is nothing that you have to do. Just log into and select GLUFactory as your charity! We appreciate your help!!!

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Setting boundaries with your addicted loved one

Have Your Limits Notice how breaking tends to happen to you, in reaction to something you can’t control. In order to brake, you will need to be at the controls: your hands on the steering wheel, your feet on the pedals. Knowing the difference depends on awareness. To build awareness and acceptance of your limits, you can ask yourself these …

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Helping a loved one

Motivation: Why Do People Change? What Is Motivation? Like addiction, motivation can also be understood to be “in the brain.” Many neurological systems are involved in goal-directed behavior; the outward signs of motivation—for example, taking action—are a result of complex internal neurological processes. In essence, motivation is the link between emotion (“ahh . . . this feels good” or “wow, …

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Superman Filmation

A Success Story – Testimony – Tony Gutierrez

Tony is a TRUE success story.  He has turned his life around and is an asset to everyone around him!  We are proud to have him around us!

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Create a new story!

We did a 3 part series on “Create a new story!”  We started out day 1 with leaving your past!   2 Corinthians 5:17       NM Department of Corrections   Inmate Family Guidebook

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GLU IRS Notification

IRS Notification of 501(c)3 approval

We are humbled!  Our IRS application was approved without any question.  We have FAVOR everywhere we step foot.  And we can step into unknown realms with our prayers as well!  Thanks to all the people that put the hard work in to make sure that it was done properly.  D. There were so many that helped.  Carol Birdsong,  Yvette Pickett, …

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Help us break the cycle!!!

We have to break the cycle NOW people! Did you know that the child of an incarcerated man has a 70% chance of following in those same footsteps? However, if that man returns to take an active role in the child’s life, then that percentage drops to below 30%! Our goal at the GLUFACTORY is to return these men to …

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GLU Factory partners with Give Grande to help you maximize your giving dollar

ONE DAY of GIVING!!!! The GLU Factory is blessed to be qualified to partner with Give Grande NM for one day of giving where a percentage of your giving will be matched by coalition funds.  This is a HUGE project, not just for The GLU Factory, but for many NON-Profits across the state. For more information on the project, feel …

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2014 04 24 09.22.38

We have got a new fence!!!

Faith Christian Family Church with the help of Spencer and Jerry Odom along with about 50 others, put us up a new fence at the house!  This is not a cheap fence.  They did VERY HIGH quality work!  Thanks to all involved!

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