When you are ready to start your new life, we are here to help you support you, and sometimes, kick your BUTT. We have been where you are now. We understand. It gets better.

If you are a family member or friend looking for help! Give us a call. Let us show you how we can help your loved one be a success!

Belief: There is no one that will have as profound an effect on the children as the parents.  If we want successful children, we must train; we must create successful parents.

Our cause/Call:  Defend the cause of orphans.  Fight for the rights of Widows.  Isa 1:15

  1. By helping the men, of the family to find housing and gainful employment, we believe that we can help them to have a better chance of being successful and not returning to prison.
  2. Studies have shown that a high percentage of the men in the penal institutions have followed in the foot steps of their fathers.  We believe that by helping the fathers, and returning them to their families, that we can interrupt the cycle and keep families together!

Problem: We believe that the children are the innocent victims in the case of parents that get into trouble.  Statistics have shown that children of convicted felons are over 7 times more likely to go to prison themselves.  This means that the effect of harsher prison sentences and increased prison population is exponential.  The cycle must be broken. The current system is not working. We must attack from a different front!

How do we do this?:   We are not Just a halfway house.  We have developed a comprehensive system, that includes the family from the very start.  We utilize the “Wings for Life” curriculum developed by Ann Edenfield Sweet in order to help train the family, thereby increasing the “Returning Citizen’s” chances of success.  You can look at the details of our system here


Our System is Based up the biblical belief that God Loves Underdogs:  When you humble yourself and ask for his help, He says “Get up you mighty man of Valor”  I am going to use you to change the world!

Target Population:  Men from the immediate Clovis/Portales area coming out of prison, jail or treatment centers.  We are approved by the State of NM to receive men who are currently on felony probation or parole.




2014 Wings For Life 2014 Kick Off Wings For Life is a SUCCESS

The 2014 Wings for Life season is OFFICIALLY Kicked off! We had a great turnout last night with many participants from Drug Court and a several volunteers from the community participating!  Food was provided by Foxy’s and AS ALWAYS was fantastic! No speaker, we just did a mixer and practiced our communication skills to get everyone back into the swing of …

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2011 05 31 20.06.06

Jim Rohn offers the key to success

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Returning Citizen (Offender) Re-Entry Program

GLU Factory’s re-entry program will address the growing need to create a continuum of care for returning citizens (ex-offenders) by providing women and men with the comprehensive treatment and support services necessary to prepare for, and maintain, successful community reentry and reintegration.  Community services will be primarily provided at the GLU Factory Family Services office located in the Matt 25 …

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Ann Edenfield Sweet coming for training!


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The Restoration Project

One of the problems that was identified in the Clovis City Panning meeting was the disarray of our current neighborhoods. We also recognize that our “Returning Citizens” of the felon category find it difficult, if not impossible to 1: Find a decent paying job 2: Find decent, affordable housing.  This creates frustration, and in the un-trained, under-counseled parolee/probationer, creates anger, …

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Clovis News Journal Recognition!!!

We would like to thank Kevin Wilson for his kind words in the article of Sunday January 6, 2013.   Car salesman spearheads halfway house By Kevin Wilson CNJ staff writer kwilson@cnjonline.com Published: Saturday, January 5th, 2013 Since he went to prison in 2007 for a DWI conviction, Randy Pruit has been trying to rebuild himself to mixed results.   CNJ …

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Pray for clear weather!!! Military Work Day!!!

Pray for clear weather!!! We have around 60 volunteers scheduled to come in this Saturday and get this house in shape and ready for men to start moving in.  If you have any desire to help, please feel free to show up.  The men will be working in shifts starting at 7:00 am.  I am sure that refreshments will be …

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Items Needed

There are tons of opportunities to help with our mission!!!!  We are still in the process of clean up, but it is moving along well!!! There are still lots of items that we need to get the house ready: We are trying to furnish the house, we have no dishes or furniture.  So just imagine that you are trying to set …

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Volunteer Opportunities!!!

After an AWESOME sermon at church yesterday, by Pastor Swann; I have decided that it is very important to get more people involved in this project.  So many people have been touched by this problem; with a son, husband, brother, father….  However you have been touched.  We have been there, and we understand your pain.  This project is all about …

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We have been blessed by so many people that are helping and donating items for the clean up and repair of the house.   Bruce Horton, the new manager of Lowe’s Home Improvement store has got his whole team behind us!!! They have been so helpful and we are so excited that they are partnering with us on this project!!! …

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